Thursday, June 30, 2016

Hashtag For Social Media : What It's All About

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     For social media users, hashtags have become something that is very common to be seen online,

        often accompanying a series of text or caption written by the user. While normal people often used hashtag as a way to allow their contents spread around the web, brands and companies utilized hashtags to promote - well - their brands and companies. Pepsi with their #UnAdjetivoParaMessi and Calvin Klein with their #MyCalvins are just some of the many creative hashtag campaigns launched by many brands and companies worldwide.

        So what is a hashtag?
        And what exactly did they do to contribute to a brand’s or company’s public recognition or even revenues?
The answer would be it is a label used to help organize and navigate through the content by linking a social media post to a group of others about the same topic.
There is no denying that hashtag is a great way to raise awareness and increase exposure about certain topics (e.g. #Brexit) as well as grouping posts with similar contents together.

        Who invented it?

        Well, no one is really sure who invented it.
What is known, however, is that Twitter is the one who started the hashtag #trend and first used the hashtag symbol to group conversations by topic.
It didn’t start off very well, until a group of online activists in Iran began reporting the election process happening from 2009 to 2010.

        How should you use hashtags in your posts?
        The most common advice would be #Not #To #Use #Hashtags #Like #This.
Not only does it annoys your readers and makes it harder for them to read your messages, it’s also distracting and useless since no one will search for words like #Not #Like or #This.

        It’s also better to capitalize the first letter of each word (e.g. #SummerSale2016) should you decided to make a hashtag out of more than one words.

You don’t have to worry that your post won’t appear in the search results since capitals won’t alter the results.
For better engagement with your customers, you can use Ombaq’s search feature to find tweets that included your company’s hashtags.

        Now, you must be asking yourself this next question.

  “Okay, that sounds cool and all but why should I use hashtags?”
        Unless you’re a really famous influencers or celebrities, or your brand is practically everywhere, then you need to use hashtags for your posts on social media.
There’s so much content out there in the web that it will only become more and more hard to find your own contents.
Using hashtags will help you label your own content and make it comes up in searches.
Hashtags is also a good option to consider should you decided to brand yourself or company and reach more audience.
Check out several creative hashtag campaigns, from the likes of Marc Jacobs to Somersby, here.

        The last but definitely not the least question would be:
     When is the right time to use hashtag?
        The simple answer would be, “Every time you post something online”.
   The more elaborate answer would be, “Well, if we’re talking about a particular hashtag, say #SummerAtTheBeach, then it’s best not to post it along a post which main topic is about Psychology in Color,”
        You have to choose and use the right hashtags for the right post to make it easier for people to find your posts and so that others won’t be fooled by the tags.


        As I have mentioned beforehand,
        hashtag is a great way to raise awareness and increase exposure.
       Consider using hashtag for every posts you made on social media from now on and you will be able to see the differences in term of engagement between your customers and your brand.



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