Thursday, July 28, 2016

3 type of powerful tools that help you be a smart marketeer

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As a marketing staff, we always look for an optimizing way to help us in spreading our product all over the world either in internet or in real world. There are a lot of channels that can be used to make your product well-known. We suggest you to use use 3 kinds of tools to spread your product better.
1. Content marketing tools In order to make your user or customer feel the need of your product, it’s better for you to give them new knowledge about something (in a form of content) and you must be able to relate them with your product. It’s more 70 % of content is knowledge and 30% is how your product helps them. With content marketing, businesses create valuable, relevant and consistent content (videos, blogs posts, ebooks, infographics, etc.) to attract and acquire prospects and leads, with the objective of driving profitable customer action and even customer loyalty. It focuses on owning media, not renting it. These tools will help make the creation and distribution process much easier. Here are some websites that can help you to make your amazing content: - Canva It will be boring if a content is just text with no image.Create some amazing image for your content by using this tools. It is easily use and you can even use the template provided by the tool beforehand. - Unsplash Are you looking for high resolution and high-quality free photo for your content? Unsplash can help you. - Tell stories or your content with infographics, videos, presentations and micro-content by using this tools. It’s time for creative content to show up. - Topic Generator Some people don’t know what they want to make. What they need is this Topic Generator from Hubspot to get ideas for your content. 2. Email marketing tools Based on The Radicati Group, INC report , there are 2.5 billion email users in 2014,which means it is a big and potential market for you to market your brand. Email marketing is the most direct way to communicate with leads and customers. It empowers you to reach your most valuable audience and build stronger relationships with them over time. Staying in your leads’ and customers’ inboxes will keep your business relevant and top of mind which works to convert leads and create post-purchase value to help facilitate repeat sales. As a matter of fact, one of the writers for this blog use email marketing tools to gain more subscribers and to get close to them, so they can give the subscribers valuable contents and information. Here are some email marketing tools for you to try out:: - Mailchimp A free, easy-to-use email marketing platform that can work for any business in any industry. It can help to track your website subscribers. You can make email marketing with drag-drop features. - Get Response Billed as “world’s easiest email marketing” with multiple other tools, starts at $15 per month. - Tracks what customers do on your website or app then sends targeted emails.
3. Analytics tools Simply put, analytics is a decision making tool for your business. Analytics can help you measure and analyze your brand's marketing performance to maximize its effectiveness. Once you understand your visitors, leads and customers behaviors you can optimize your business/ marketing to improve those results. Using this kind of tools, it will ease to decide what you want to do in your social media. You will decide everythings depends on data that you have,. meaning your decisions are all data-driven. Here are some of qualified toolsfor you to analyze your content; - Google Analytics Website analytics software from Google, the standard in web analytics. It can tracks user activity in your website with powerful features they had. It can really help you to boost you sales or increase your visitors by tracking their activity pattern such as click rate and bounce rate. Despite of all the features, not all of them are free and you need to implement it in your website manually that required some technical skill. - KISSMetrics Google Analytics tells you what’s happening in your websites, KISSmetrics tells you who’s doing it and will help you to segment your customer / user. - Headline Analyzer Headline has been proven to get attention from your user/customer. Use this tools to help you analyze for your headline either good or not. - ombaQ A social media management that makes you feel like its your own analytics. It helps you to get more data about what happens in your social media. Insight feature gives you detail data about your content in social media, so you know what best for your customers. This tools also gives you scheduling features for your social media activity. Source: Marketing tools

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