Tuesday, July 26, 2016

7 Tips To Ensure Your Brand Stands Out On Instagram

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There’s no denying that Instagram is one of the biggest social media right now.
With 500 million active users as of June 2016, Instagram stands to be a great channel with high level of engagements and interest from its expanding user base, which are mostly youth but even the older generations start to use Instagram as a way to connect with their friends and family and appeal to their customers. Despite the appeal to use it to market your brand, keep in mind that Instagram is a photo-heavy site and its users often care less or doesn’t even care about the text posted along with the photo.
 Here are some tips to help you stand out from the competition using Instagram:

1. Use high-resolution photos
In the sea of photos taken with phone cameras, your high-resolution photos will easily stand out among your competitors. Avoid posting pixelated image since it will only show unprofessionalism towards your audience.

2. Approach customer with friendly approach

Since Instagram has a very casual and personal feel towards it, the best thing you can do to make use of it is to make your audience feel more connected to the business while selling your products subtlely. Remember to avoid hard-selling, unless your page’s purpose is as a catalogue, since it will only turn-off formerly dedicated audience.

3. Create your brand’s own hashtag

Not only will it help your customer when they try to find your product or service, it will also help your SEO. Plus, everyone’s doing it so why not? Keep in mind that hashtags work differently in Instagram, unlike in both Twitter and Facebook. Where too many hashtags are frowned upon in both Twitter and Hashtag, the fact that relatively few people pay attention to the captions of the images in Instagram means that you may use as many hashtags as you like. Use as many hashtags as you like and incorporate a mixture of your own hashtag and other popular hashtags.

4. Hold a contest/giveaway

Everyone likes free stuffs, including your audience, and a contest is a good way to both please your old customers as well as attract new customers. Set up a hashtag for your contest/giveaway then ask your audience to post a photo or video featuring that hashtag to participate. Another idea is for your customer to simply re-post picture of your brand on their own Instagram profiles, tag your page, use the contest’s or giveaway’s hashtag as well as your brand’s hashtag, and the result will surprise you. Many brands and even bloggers have done this and it’s a one of the easiest way to attract new audience to your page.

5. Have Clear CTAs (Call-To-Actions) In Your Captions

Instagram is a picture heavy site, which means there’s a small chance that people will read your captions, especially if it’s too long and complicated. Make sure that your captions are clear, simple, and include a direct call to action. Do not be vague on what your audience to do. Remember, the key is to be both simple and creative at the same time. Shouldn’t be too hard right?

6. Use Other Social-Media Platforms

Cross-promotion across different social media platforms is a strategically useful tactic. Not only because every social media platform provides something different that you can incorporate into your overall social media strategy, but it can also help you introduce your brand to new audiences, since not everyone uses Instagram.

7. Analyze

Instagram, like all social media in general, provide a rich amount of data that can be analyzed by its users. The simple way to analyze contents on Instagram is by checking what are the hashtags that are currently trending in it and then comparing it with other currently trending hashtags from different social media (e.g. Instagram trending hashtags VS Twitter trending hashtags). That way you can know for sure what kind of content is currently trending in most social media. Other form of analyzing is by posting content at different times to know when are the appropriate times to engage with users.
You can also use Ombaq’s Insight feature to have better knowledge as to which contents of your s has the best engagement and impression from your user base.


“Social Media - Dominating Strategies For Social Media Marketing With Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram” by Michael Richard

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