Thursday, August 18, 2016

3 Awesome Trends for Social Media Marketing


Social media is no longer strange things in this world. It is always rapidly changing and evolving itself. Starting as a platform to connect people to others. Today it becomes the powerful tool to market products and promotion tools that can reach hundreds even millions of people. Many marketers look the social media as pieces of technology that gonna reach more people. As a result, marketers have to understand how people use that technology to create, publish, share, interact and transact. Because of many people use social media as their expression of natural behaviors, we as marketers should use this opportunity to drive them into our marketing hole.

There many channels that can be used in social media to reach the audience and we need to understand every user behaviors in any channels. We can’t just use every channel in our marketing strategy because there trends cycle in the social media itself. Seeing the trends cycle that happens between people and technology in mind, here are some awesome trends need to be considered for your social media marketing  

Video Content from Facebook
Video will be common sense 
Actually, this awesome thing is already started in 2015 by Facebook and it grows fast after but It’s never been too late to start and learn how to use it as your social marketing campaign. As the matter of the fact, the video is really glowing for now on and the next. It happens that almost social media(Youtube,Snapchat,Instagram, Twitter,Google Plus) start to use video as their content either for marketing or for connecting with people. What the amazing part of it that social media platform make it as native content (as original as the content in the platform), so reader or user get used to it and don’t think the video as the promotion. 

We want to give valuable resources for your video content to grow your brands.

It's the example of video for marketing 

Preview Periscope
Live streaming is a BIG DEAL 
It is really gonna be a big deal because people start to wonder what really happen in the places right away. They wanna feel the fun as soon as possible for the concert or games, they wanna feed their curiosity as soon as possible in a seminar.What can make that happen is by using live streaming. The awesome parts of it,many social media platform start to use it. Facebook, Youtube, and Periscope are some popular social media platform for live streaming. 

We have some resources that can help you to learn more live streaming for marketing your product. 

Social Media Marketing Automation  Automate our social media campaign to get the job done is one way to improve your productivity in social media marketing.It doesn’t mean marketer gonna lose their jobs for it. On the other hand, the automation just eases their job for posting,analyzing and managing your social media. But ,still marketer need to strategize their automation efficiently. 

We have suggestions for awesome social media automation and it really helps most of the marketer in managing social media: 

  • Buffer - Save time managing your social media (Freemium)
  • Tweetdeck - Tweet like a pro (Free)
  • Hootsuite - Get serious about social! (Freemium)
  • Ombaq - The Smartest way to share in social media(Free)

Overall, the marketer must make themselves ready to face every change coming head for the social media and use the opportunity to seize more customers. 


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Ombaq's Feature: Content Insights

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Ombaq's Features are categorized into four groups, Engagement, Listen, Analyze, and Collaborate. Ombaq allows you to analyze your contents on social media using either the Account Insights feature or Content Insights.

We have previously covered the topic of Ombaq's Account Insights feature here. Now is time to learn how to use Ombaq's Content Insights feature for your social media accounts.

   1. Find The Content Insights Option At The Right Panel Of

    Make sure you already log into your Ombaq's accounts or else you won't even be able to see the panel.

   2. Choose Your Account

Choose the account that you would like to analyze or add new account, using the Accounts feature from the left bar, if you're unable to find your desired accounts from the list. To choose the account, simply click on the desired account's button and your insights will be generated.

   3. Choose Your Preferred Time Period

Choose your preferred time period (example: 06 August 2016 to 13 August 2016) using the button at the right side (the one which has two calendar icons next to it). Click the dropdown arrow, choose your month, date, and year, and do it for the next one (see 3 and 4).

Another option is to use the other arrow located next to the second calendar button. Once you clicked it, it will give you 3 options: Last 7 days, This week, and This month. Choose the one that suits your needs (see 5 and 6).

   4. Check The Content Awareness Section

The first graph you'll see on the page is the Content Awareness graph which will show both of your contents' Potential Reaches and Potential Impressions based on the assigned time period.

   5. Check The Activity Growths Section

The second graph you'll see on the page is the Activity Growths graph which will show both of your contents' Engagements Growths as well as Posts Growths based on the assigned time period.

   6. Check The Likes, Shares, Comments, Clicks, And CTR Section

The graphs shown on picture 7 and 8 will show you the total number of likes, shares (retweets), comments (mentions), clicks, and click through rate that your account received based on the assigned time period.

   7. Check The Tops Posts By Potential Impressions and Engagements Lists

At the bottom of the Content Insights page are lists of your account's Top Posts (Contents) based on Potential Impressions and Engagements during the assigned time period.

   8. Export And Download Your Insights

If you feel like making a formal report of your account's content insights, Ombaq can help you with that. Simply click the Export button (see number 9), save the Excel file (see number 10), and you'll save a lot of time in making reports.


Friday, August 12, 2016

Ombaq's Feature: Account Insights

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   Ombaq's Features are categorized into four groups, Engagement, Listen, Analyze, and Collaborate. Ombaq allows you to analyze your contents on social media using either the Account Insights feature or Content Insights.

   This guide will help you on how to use Account Insights feature for your brand's benefits.
   1. Find The Account Insights Option At The Right Panel Of

    Make sure you already log into your Ombaq's accounts or else you won't even be able to see the panel.

   2. Choose Your Account Or Add New Account

   Choose the account that you would like to analyze or add new account if you're unable to find your desired accounts from the list. To choose the account, simply click on the desired account's button and voila! You will be redirected to another page.

   3. Choose Your Preferred Time Period

   Choose you preferred time period (example: 06 June 2016 to 10 June 2016) using the button at the right side (the one which has two calendar icons next to it). Click the dropdown arrow, choose your month, date, and year, and do it for the next one. (see picture 3)
   You can also switch your accounts using the dropdown arrow located next to the Ombaq logo. (see picture 4)

   4. Know The Tools

   Ombaq's Account Insights feature has three main sections: Followers, Engagements, and Potential Impressions. To get a quick impression on your account's current insights, simply go to the first graph on the page and click on either Followers, Engagements, or Potential Impressions button to get a quick view on your account's insights. See image above to get a better understanding.
   5. Check The Followers Growths Section

   The second graph on the page and the first one you'll see after the first one is the Followers Growths graph. The Followers Growths graph will show you the number of followers you gained and lost as well as the total number of your followers at the end of each day.

   6. Check The Engagement Growths Section

   The third graph on the page is the Engagement Growths graph. The Engagement Growths graph will show you the number of engagement your account have each day. Image above shows the Engagement Growths of a Twitter accounts, thus mentioning the terms Retweets and Likes.

   7. Check The Awareness Growths Section

   The last graph on the page is the Awareness Growths graph, which will show you the number of potential reaches as well as potential impressions that your account have each day.


Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Beauty of Content Marketing

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Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action - Content Marketing Institute By the definition above, you can’t really see what the beauty inside a content. It’s not all about the outer beauty of it but the inner beauty that’s coming. It’s what makes your reader feel about the content, how your reader involves in your content. These are ways to the beautify your content. Your chart is part of your storytelling story Most people find that chart is irritating and intimidating. People tend to see it the other ways especially those who hate numbers. That happens because most marketers make their chart as boring as hell. They don’t deliver their “emotions” inside. They don’t really understand how to do that. The reason why you must give “emotions” in these because you mustn’t make your reader feeling uneasy in reading those. Here are some ways to give “emotions” in your charts : - Showing achievement in your chart can make more impact for them. - Demonstrating failure in a form of comparison from the previous milestone can make your reader understand what you have done is worth it. - Use good photos that related to the chart that you show. - Make a beautiful and understandable infographics

Visual and Quotes Content

“Visual content, more creative storytelling, and interactive content contribute to experiences that inform and create an emotional connection with buyers. Brands are still creating more content, but it's held to a higher standard by customers.” - Lee Odden, CEO, TopRank Marketing
As known for centuries that visual (art) has played well to involve people emotions. Either from the color or the shape , it explicitly influences people emotions. You can play your content with some visuals. Adding some quotes inside the images can indirectly help you to increase the beauty of your content. In delivering your content, understand your reader first then speak with them using their language. It’s impossible for the marketer to write about technology if they don’t understand geek language (if you write content about the latest tech). Produce Epic Content The beauty of content marketing is always about reader attraction. In order to do that,the marketer must be able to produce content which gives your reader things they love. You need to consider these types engagement that will help you produce Epic one. They are 1. Educate — Blog posts that educate 2. Entertain — Fun videos that are just plain fun 3. Inspire — Make a difference in your customer life by inspiring them to take action 4. Inform — Keep them up to date with the latest industry news and trends. 5. Convert — Content is a waste of time unless it leads to converting them to customers Personalization in content As you have already known, you need to attract your audience and convert them to become your users. Before you convert them, you must make them love your content by building a connection to make them stick to your content. In July 2016, 67 percent of senior marketing executives from the US and Europe said they used data based on user’s behavior. Their purpose using their data is to develop a content based on insights and emotions. Although create a content based on insight have their own challenges, it is a good trade-off to make our readers love your posts.
When you build a personalized content, we also make a content that understands what is the readers need. They will keep reading because we describe their problem and engage them in our content. After this, you are ready to show your product to them, but there are several buying cycle that you need to understand before you make a CTA. One of the good examples is HubSpot, they build a content that describes their target’s problem and engage them in their post. Source: 10 ways to use charts for storytelling
Optimaze Site with buying cycle

Monday, August 8, 2016

Watch Ombaq's Introduction Video!

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   After a long wait, Ombaq is finally here and ready to help you with your social media marketing. Check out Ombaq's Introduction video below and don't forget to sign-up and try our features for free!

Friday, August 5, 2016

Growth Hacking for Dummies


Nowadays,marketing using no cost is a big deal for many companies. There are a lot of proven case studies that have happened like Airbnb,Uber, Dropbox and others. Many people don’t like to call it as marketing, it’s better to be called as Growth hacking. The term “Growth Hacker” was first introduced to the world by Sean Ellis in 2010. Growth hacking is a skill set of marketing, product & engineering.The one who does (usually called Growth hacker) must have the ability to drive exponential growth from the experimentation. Common misunderstanding Most of the people who is new with this term usually judge growth hacking as digital marketing. Well, that’s a big no for that. Because there are a lot of reasons why growth hacking isn’t digital marketing. A growth hacker is the one who obsessed with data and has just one single purpose in their mind, it’s growth. They are the tactician,the planner for the product. They are the one who can ask the product team to change the product based their customer data. They can also give their insight about what the best marketing channel to gain more user based on their experiment to their marketing. So it’s a huge different for growth hacker and marketer. On the other hand, the marketer is more like the executor for the plan that has been made. They focused on getting more selling in the product. Not just ordinary decision The first thing to know to become the growth hacker is the decision that they make is very crucial and important for the growth of companies. That’s why the growth hacker must be the one who is glued with the analytics and experiment tools. They are the one who’s conducting a lot experimentation and collect its data then decides what suit for the product. Because not every growth scenario/experimentation works well in every product. They are people who make data as their guts. Acquisition isn’t enough Living life as a growth hacker isn’t just about acquiring user for your products. There are other process/life cycle for growth hacking it. Most people call it as Growth hacking funnel or known as AARRR Metrics (stands for Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral, Revenue). All this funnel must be well-recorded in the process of growth hacking. Many startup uses different ways in doing its life-cycle. Each of experiment must be done in this life-cycle.
Want to know more about Growth hacking? Get FREE E-book about Growth Hacking

Thursday, August 4, 2016

6 Tips To Be A LinkedIn Master

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   Being the #1 professional networking site with over 200 million users, LinkedIn is known for it's specialty of presenting limitless job opportunities as well as being an online CV to help for both job applicants as well as their recruiters. The site is also useful for B2B advertisement, as the user can interest both their audience as well as other brands with their own brand. Keep in mind that interactions in LinkedIn are a lot more professional compared to other social media platform, meaning you might want to refrain yourself from posting pictures that you do not want your future employers to see.

   Here are several steps to help you and your brand conquer LinkedIn:

   #1 Create A LinkedIn Page For Your Brand
   A LinkedIn page will help your brand engaged better with both your customers as well as your competitors through news, events, contents, and other updates posted on the page. Having a LinkedIn page will help your brand rank higher on search engine since a presence in LinkedIn is enough to build up a level of trust among your audience since a present in LinkedIn is enough to indicate that the brand is professional.
   Keep in mind that you have to have compelling description for your page since LinkedIn company pages are relatively SEO friendly as well as the brand's or company's contact information and any other information related to your brand. Last but not least, keep your page clean and ask and engage your audience to endorse your brand.

   #2 Have Well Written Profile
   As simple as it might sounds, completing your brand's or your personal page actually helps a lot in providing the best opportunity for you as well as provides your audiences with all the necessary details about your brand. Upload a good photo for either your brand's logo or yourself and complete every entry until your profile is 100% complete.

   #3 Keep Your Posts And Its Titles Interesting
   Here are several things to keep in mind when you are about to write your headlines.
  • Make your headline as catchy as possible
  • Keep your titles formal due to the formal environment of LinkedIn itself
  • Ensure that your titles are short yet descriptive enough for your audience
  • Refrain from using questions as headlines since they tend to not be captivating enough
   That being said, here are several tips to ensure that you only post contents with great quality on your LinkedIn page:

  • Don't write posts that are too complicated for your audiences or followers to comprehend
  • Write in a style that is easy to understand by your audiences or followers
  • Use H1, H2, H3 tags to break your posts into small chunks to make reading easier
  • Remember to include images or videos to your contents
  • Respect other people's opinions
  • Back-up your posts or contents with statistical data, if possible
  • Make sure that your content is customized according to your audiences' or follower's interests.

   #4 Engage With Your Audience
   Engage with your audiences and followers through not only contents but also comments. Post about updates related to your products' or services' improvements as well as job openings. Remember that majority of LinkedIn users created their accounts in the first place to be recruited as employees by company's representatives. Respond to both the comment sections of your posts as well as personal messages send through LinkedIn.
   #5 Set Up A Custom URL
   Make sure that your customized is the name of your brand or the name of your brand's other social media platforms. This is to make sure that your old followers from other social media will be able to easily found your LinkedIn page.

   #6 Promote Your Page
   Last but definitely not least, promote your LinkedIn page through other social media platforms in order to drive traffic to your page. Try connecting your LinkedIn page with your other social media for a better result as well as to make it easy to share content from one page to another as well as to drive engagement with both social media platforms.


“Social Media - Dominating Strategies For Social Media Marketing With Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram” by Michael Richard

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Ombaq's Feature: Bulk Scheduling

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Bulk Scheduling is an Ombaq's Feature which main purpose is to enhance users' workflow by managing their posts in an Excel file or any other spreadsheets forms beforehand. The feature allows user to upload CSV file from their computers to, allowing them to schedule multiple contents at once. The objectives of Bulk Scheduling feature is to increase user's productivity by reducing the time it took for users to post contents one by one and allowing user to focus more on the quality of the contents itself.

These are the key features of Ombaq's Bulk Scheduling Feature:
  1. Able to publish the same contents for multiple media social accounts
  2. Preview will be added for ever contents and you can add or remove preview as you like to ensure it lives up to your standard
  3. Shortened URLs will be available
  4. Able to review, edit, and cancel each post even though you already scheduled it beforehand

Here are the steps to start bulk scheduling your content on Ombaq.

1. Find And Click The "Bulk Content" Button

As you can see from the picture above, the "Bulk Content" button is located at the top level of the page and is right next to the "Quick write content..." button.

2. Download And Edit The Sample File

See that sentence saying "Download sample file"? Click it, save the Excel file, and edit the template according to your contents.

3. Choose Your Preferred Social Media Accounts

Tick the box next to your preferred social media account to make sure you're scheduling contents for the right platform.

4. Upload The Edited Template And Click Schedule Button
The last step would be uploading the edited template and scheduling it altogether.