Thursday, August 18, 2016

3 Awesome Trends for Social Media Marketing


Social media is no longer strange things in this world. It is always rapidly changing and evolving itself. Starting as a platform to connect people to others. Today it becomes the powerful tool to market products and promotion tools that can reach hundreds even millions of people. Many marketers look the social media as pieces of technology that gonna reach more people. As a result, marketers have to understand how people use that technology to create, publish, share, interact and transact. Because of many people use social media as their expression of natural behaviors, we as marketers should use this opportunity to drive them into our marketing hole.

There many channels that can be used in social media to reach the audience and we need to understand every user behaviors in any channels. We can’t just use every channel in our marketing strategy because there trends cycle in the social media itself. Seeing the trends cycle that happens between people and technology in mind, here are some awesome trends need to be considered for your social media marketing  

Video Content from Facebook
Video will be common sense 
Actually, this awesome thing is already started in 2015 by Facebook and it grows fast after but It’s never been too late to start and learn how to use it as your social marketing campaign. As the matter of the fact, the video is really glowing for now on and the next. It happens that almost social media(Youtube,Snapchat,Instagram, Twitter,Google Plus) start to use video as their content either for marketing or for connecting with people. What the amazing part of it that social media platform make it as native content (as original as the content in the platform), so reader or user get used to it and don’t think the video as the promotion. 

We want to give valuable resources for your video content to grow your brands.

It's the example of video for marketing 

Preview Periscope
Live streaming is a BIG DEAL 
It is really gonna be a big deal because people start to wonder what really happen in the places right away. They wanna feel the fun as soon as possible for the concert or games, they wanna feed their curiosity as soon as possible in a seminar.What can make that happen is by using live streaming. The awesome parts of it,many social media platform start to use it. Facebook, Youtube, and Periscope are some popular social media platform for live streaming. 

We have some resources that can help you to learn more live streaming for marketing your product. 

Social Media Marketing Automation  Automate our social media campaign to get the job done is one way to improve your productivity in social media marketing.It doesn’t mean marketer gonna lose their jobs for it. On the other hand, the automation just eases their job for posting,analyzing and managing your social media. But ,still marketer need to strategize their automation efficiently. 

We have suggestions for awesome social media automation and it really helps most of the marketer in managing social media: 

  • Buffer - Save time managing your social media (Freemium)
  • Tweetdeck - Tweet like a pro (Free)
  • Hootsuite - Get serious about social! (Freemium)
  • Ombaq - The Smartest way to share in social media(Free)

Overall, the marketer must make themselves ready to face every change coming head for the social media and use the opportunity to seize more customers. 



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