Thursday, August 4, 2016

6 Tips To Be A LinkedIn Master

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   Being the #1 professional networking site with over 200 million users, LinkedIn is known for it's specialty of presenting limitless job opportunities as well as being an online CV to help for both job applicants as well as their recruiters. The site is also useful for B2B advertisement, as the user can interest both their audience as well as other brands with their own brand. Keep in mind that interactions in LinkedIn are a lot more professional compared to other social media platform, meaning you might want to refrain yourself from posting pictures that you do not want your future employers to see.

   Here are several steps to help you and your brand conquer LinkedIn:

   #1 Create A LinkedIn Page For Your Brand
   A LinkedIn page will help your brand engaged better with both your customers as well as your competitors through news, events, contents, and other updates posted on the page. Having a LinkedIn page will help your brand rank higher on search engine since a presence in LinkedIn is enough to build up a level of trust among your audience since a present in LinkedIn is enough to indicate that the brand is professional.
   Keep in mind that you have to have compelling description for your page since LinkedIn company pages are relatively SEO friendly as well as the brand's or company's contact information and any other information related to your brand. Last but not least, keep your page clean and ask and engage your audience to endorse your brand.

   #2 Have Well Written Profile
   As simple as it might sounds, completing your brand's or your personal page actually helps a lot in providing the best opportunity for you as well as provides your audiences with all the necessary details about your brand. Upload a good photo for either your brand's logo or yourself and complete every entry until your profile is 100% complete.

   #3 Keep Your Posts And Its Titles Interesting
   Here are several things to keep in mind when you are about to write your headlines.
  • Make your headline as catchy as possible
  • Keep your titles formal due to the formal environment of LinkedIn itself
  • Ensure that your titles are short yet descriptive enough for your audience
  • Refrain from using questions as headlines since they tend to not be captivating enough
   That being said, here are several tips to ensure that you only post contents with great quality on your LinkedIn page:

  • Don't write posts that are too complicated for your audiences or followers to comprehend
  • Write in a style that is easy to understand by your audiences or followers
  • Use H1, H2, H3 tags to break your posts into small chunks to make reading easier
  • Remember to include images or videos to your contents
  • Respect other people's opinions
  • Back-up your posts or contents with statistical data, if possible
  • Make sure that your content is customized according to your audiences' or follower's interests.

   #4 Engage With Your Audience
   Engage with your audiences and followers through not only contents but also comments. Post about updates related to your products' or services' improvements as well as job openings. Remember that majority of LinkedIn users created their accounts in the first place to be recruited as employees by company's representatives. Respond to both the comment sections of your posts as well as personal messages send through LinkedIn.
   #5 Set Up A Custom URL
   Make sure that your customized is the name of your brand or the name of your brand's other social media platforms. This is to make sure that your old followers from other social media will be able to easily found your LinkedIn page.

   #6 Promote Your Page
   Last but definitely not least, promote your LinkedIn page through other social media platforms in order to drive traffic to your page. Try connecting your LinkedIn page with your other social media for a better result as well as to make it easy to share content from one page to another as well as to drive engagement with both social media platforms.


“Social Media - Dominating Strategies For Social Media Marketing With Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram” by Michael Richard

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