Friday, August 12, 2016

Ombaq's Feature: Account Insights

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   Ombaq's Features are categorized into four groups, Engagement, Listen, Analyze, and Collaborate. Ombaq allows you to analyze your contents on social media using either the Account Insights feature or Content Insights.

   This guide will help you on how to use Account Insights feature for your brand's benefits.
   1. Find The Account Insights Option At The Right Panel Of

    Make sure you already log into your Ombaq's accounts or else you won't even be able to see the panel.

   2. Choose Your Account Or Add New Account

   Choose the account that you would like to analyze or add new account if you're unable to find your desired accounts from the list. To choose the account, simply click on the desired account's button and voila! You will be redirected to another page.

   3. Choose Your Preferred Time Period

   Choose you preferred time period (example: 06 June 2016 to 10 June 2016) using the button at the right side (the one which has two calendar icons next to it). Click the dropdown arrow, choose your month, date, and year, and do it for the next one. (see picture 3)
   You can also switch your accounts using the dropdown arrow located next to the Ombaq logo. (see picture 4)

   4. Know The Tools

   Ombaq's Account Insights feature has three main sections: Followers, Engagements, and Potential Impressions. To get a quick impression on your account's current insights, simply go to the first graph on the page and click on either Followers, Engagements, or Potential Impressions button to get a quick view on your account's insights. See image above to get a better understanding.
   5. Check The Followers Growths Section

   The second graph on the page and the first one you'll see after the first one is the Followers Growths graph. The Followers Growths graph will show you the number of followers you gained and lost as well as the total number of your followers at the end of each day.

   6. Check The Engagement Growths Section

   The third graph on the page is the Engagement Growths graph. The Engagement Growths graph will show you the number of engagement your account have each day. Image above shows the Engagement Growths of a Twitter accounts, thus mentioning the terms Retweets and Likes.

   7. Check The Awareness Growths Section

   The last graph on the page is the Awareness Growths graph, which will show you the number of potential reaches as well as potential impressions that your account have each day.


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