Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Ombaq's Feature: Bulk Scheduling

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Bulk Scheduling is an Ombaq's Feature which main purpose is to enhance users' workflow by managing their posts in an Excel file or any other spreadsheets forms beforehand. The feature allows user to upload CSV file from their computers to, allowing them to schedule multiple contents at once. The objectives of Bulk Scheduling feature is to increase user's productivity by reducing the time it took for users to post contents one by one and allowing user to focus more on the quality of the contents itself.

These are the key features of Ombaq's Bulk Scheduling Feature:
  1. Able to publish the same contents for multiple media social accounts
  2. Preview will be added for ever contents and you can add or remove preview as you like to ensure it lives up to your standard
  3. Shortened URLs will be available
  4. Able to review, edit, and cancel each post even though you already scheduled it beforehand

Here are the steps to start bulk scheduling your content on Ombaq.

1. Find And Click The "Bulk Content" Button

As you can see from the picture above, the "Bulk Content" button is located at the top level of the page and is right next to the "Quick write content..." button.

2. Download And Edit The Sample File

See that sentence saying "Download sample file"? Click it, save the Excel file, and edit the template according to your contents.

3. Choose Your Preferred Social Media Accounts

Tick the box next to your preferred social media account to make sure you're scheduling contents for the right platform.

4. Upload The Edited Template And Click Schedule Button
The last step would be uploading the edited template and scheduling it altogether.


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