Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Ombaq's Feature: Content Insights

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Ombaq's Features are categorized into four groups, Engagement, Listen, Analyze, and Collaborate. Ombaq allows you to analyze your contents on social media using either the Account Insights feature or Content Insights.

We have previously covered the topic of Ombaq's Account Insights feature here. Now is time to learn how to use Ombaq's Content Insights feature for your social media accounts.

   1. Find The Content Insights Option At The Right Panel Of Ombaq.com

    Make sure you already log into your Ombaq's accounts or else you won't even be able to see the panel.

   2. Choose Your Account

Choose the account that you would like to analyze or add new account, using the Accounts feature from the left bar, if you're unable to find your desired accounts from the list. To choose the account, simply click on the desired account's button and your insights will be generated.

   3. Choose Your Preferred Time Period

Choose your preferred time period (example: 06 August 2016 to 13 August 2016) using the button at the right side (the one which has two calendar icons next to it). Click the dropdown arrow, choose your month, date, and year, and do it for the next one (see 3 and 4).

Another option is to use the other arrow located next to the second calendar button. Once you clicked it, it will give you 3 options: Last 7 days, This week, and This month. Choose the one that suits your needs (see 5 and 6).

   4. Check The Content Awareness Section

The first graph you'll see on the page is the Content Awareness graph which will show both of your contents' Potential Reaches and Potential Impressions based on the assigned time period.

   5. Check The Activity Growths Section

The second graph you'll see on the page is the Activity Growths graph which will show both of your contents' Engagements Growths as well as Posts Growths based on the assigned time period.

   6. Check The Likes, Shares, Comments, Clicks, And CTR Section

The graphs shown on picture 7 and 8 will show you the total number of likes, shares (retweets), comments (mentions), clicks, and click through rate that your account received based on the assigned time period.

   7. Check The Tops Posts By Potential Impressions and Engagements Lists

At the bottom of the Content Insights page are lists of your account's Top Posts (Contents) based on Potential Impressions and Engagements during the assigned time period.

   8. Export And Download Your Insights

If you feel like making a formal report of your account's content insights, Ombaq can help you with that. Simply click the Export button (see number 9), save the Excel file (see number 10), and you'll save a lot of time in making reports.


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