Friday, September 16, 2016

5 Things You Need to Know to Master Instagram

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It’s no longer a secret that everyone have an account on Instagram. Everyone are, indeed, in need to show their “existence” toward the world. Instagram, provide you the service to do all that, plus to show it in pictures. So, you can show to the world that you are exist, with bonus of proving it in pictures.

Instagram was released at around 2010 and quickly gained popularity at 2012. Posting through Instagram allow you to connect through other social media platform, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. Using Instagram mostly give you privilege to post pictures and giving it touch of effects or filters. However, nowaday Instagram also allow you to post videos.

So, to put it short, we are all have Instagram. But, have you wonder if you are already master it right?
If you’re wondering whether you are already mastering in Instagram or not, in this article, ombaQ will tell you five ways to master Instagram rightly.

1. Using the Most Popular Hashtag

Ever wonder why it’s so hard for your pictures to get likes? Think you’ve used the right hashtag, but your pictures still appear nowhere in the explore tab? It’s probably because the hashtag you are using isn’t a common hashtag used by lots of users. So how do you know what is the most popular hashtag?

To find the most popular hashtag used by users on instagram, you have to be a little patience. When typing your hashtag, for example, you’re posting a pic of coffee and wanting to use the hashtag #drink, you have to wait for a moment. After just a few second, Instagram will showing some hashtags using the word #drink with numbers next to it. So, all you have to left is to choose the most comfortable hashtag offered by Instagram.

2. Edit Your Caption

Have you ever too busy to write your caption? Or you did a misstyped but only noticed it later? Worry not, because Instagram allow you to fix the mistake you did on your caption. To do it, all you have to is choose the picture that you haven’t give caption yet or with misstyped word on it. Next, you choose the option button near your picture, the one with three dots, and choose “edit”. That’s it! Now you can add your caption or fix the mistake on it.

3. See Posts You’ve Liked

When we see posts on Instagram that we love, our hands will just automatically “like”-d it. Hours passed, and so does days. Then you suddenly remembered that post, you’ve liked two days ago, have a cute caption that you want to show to your friend. However, your brain just can’t remember anything! Not the username of the poster. Not even the hashtags they used. Well then, you can just see it at “Posts You’ve Liked”.

So where is it at? Just click on your profile tab, then click option. Scroll down and you’ll see the “Posts You’ve Liked” under ”Account” section. Click on it and there! You can find all the posts that you’ve liked easily!

4. Delete Your Search History

So, once upon a time, your cute colleague wanted to borrow your Instagram, because for reasons, like, probably his phone was broken? But they need to check this online shop’s account to see if they have anything new on store? And you just have to remembered that you’ve been stalking them for days without following their account?

Worry not, cuties are indeed hard to resist, but search history can be deleted. To do that, just follow the same steps as how to see your liked posts. At the option tab, scroll down until you find “Clear Search History” just at the very bottom of the tab. Click on that and Instagram will remove all your search history with no single evidence of you stalking the cuties colleague. Again, easy!

5. Add Another Account

And this is especially useful for ombaQ’s user. For, most of you must be having Instagram for personal pleasure, but also need to get your business done. Well then, just create another new account, for your business purpose.

You don’t need new e-mail, all you have to do is to sign up with a new username and a password of your choice.  To switch between account, just go to your profile, tap your username, and choose the account you’d like to switch to. Do you know that you can add up to five accounts?


6. Monitoring Your Instagram Content through ombaQ's App

Have done all those steps above but still head over heels having difficulty, like, when will I ever master this Instagram things, enough? If so then, just head over right to ombaQ! We, can resolve your problem in the shortest and easiest way possible you couldn't even imagine!
Probably you are all remember that we have this Content Insights feature-thingy in our app. With this feature, ombaQ giving you the ability to easily gain insight of your published posts and see what kind of post is popular within the public's eyes. 

To know more about ombaQ's Content Insights feature, you can check this post: ombaQ's Feature: Content Insights

Also, ombaQ will soon releasing a new app on phone! This app will help you maintaining your Instagram publishing routine much more easier. All you have to do is, to tap the "Publish" notification button aandd... ombaQ will do the rest for you! Curious on how it will turn out? Then stay in touch with us, ombaQ.

So, there, the 101 on how to master Instagram! Know all this five things right and utilize your Instagram use to the fullest. Don’t forget to use ombaQ for your easier social media life.

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