Friday, September 30, 2016

Do’s and Don’ts on ombaQ’s Instagram Publishing

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We are all aware of how the saying “A picture worth thousands words” exist. Meaning that we, as human, rely on visual aspect so much. Nowadays, with the existent of many many picture-based-social media, we are all realized on how much truth of what the proverb say. One of the very famous and widely used picture-based-social media is, Instagram.

A lot of user might be starting using Instagram as a “showing off” media, as how most social media actually works. But, with the ongoing millennial era, with a little bit of creativity, Instagram is now also used as a place to do your market branding.

It was just last week that ombaQ released a new app for mobile, which will help you doing your Instagram publishing. If you check on the latest article and read it well, you’ll find yourself already mastering it just by now! Congratulation!

But, are you sure that’s all you need to know about Instagram? Because we are all know, that there are more than just looking into the eyes.

So, you already mastered publishing your Instagram’s content through ombaQ’s newly released app. Now, it’s a crucial time for you to know what to do’s and don’ts with it. Ready to learn some new thing?

1. Don’t : Carelessly posting your Instagram’s content!
Don’t post picture like every single second! Don’t let your product showing up on people’s timeline everytime they tap the Instagram’s icon. Yes, we get it. People need to know about your product and it’s urgent. But, imagine if a salesman so stubbornly try to shove their products to your face. Won’t it annoy you? So does it happen with Instagram publishing!

Do : Use ombaQ to schedule your Instagram publishing.
With our ombaQ’s new mobile app, we can help you planning your schedule easily! All you have to do is to click on Quick Write Content tab. Upload the picture (you can even just pasted a link and ombaQ will upload it for you!), then click Add Time to started planning your publishing schedule. Once it’s time to publish your content, all you have to do is just click the Publish button! Very easy.

        2. Don’t : Use too much hashtags!

We know that hashtags is the most important thing on Instagram. But using it too much will just caused a nuisance. Not only that it will caused much eyestrain to those who see it, it will also make whoever see your post confused on what to actually read from your caption. Too much hashtags on the caption section will simply just disturb people from what they actually have to read. It will easily cause people to not getting the information you are trying to tell.

Do : Make benefit of ombaQ’s Content Insights feature.
I bet that you are all mastered the Content Insights feature that ombaQ have. So? What are you waiting for? Make use of it to the fullest, and check on what the most popular hashtags and posts for Instagram’s user. Use this rightly, and you’ll be able to market your product well with the right hashtags for the right picture.

3. Don’t : Write unnecessary caption!
Okay, so you want to tell the world on how to cook hamburger. But, first, let me tell you what soap I used when i took bath earlier. Did you do that? Of course no! It’s really important to actually tell what ingredients you used to cook hamburger and not what kind of perfume you used every morning! Instagram’s caption might able to contain longer information that you need to tell people than using some other social media’s post. But, on Instagram, it’s the picture that matter, not the caption.

Do : Use ombaQ’s mobile app to plan your caption well.
A right caption is needed for the right picture. The caption also must contained the information people actually need about your brand. With ombaQ’s mobile app, you can plan what caption to use on which picture. Once it’s time to publish, all you have to do is just pasted the words you’ve planned earlier. Very simple!

Now, you’ve finally know and understand the Do’s and Don’ts of Instagram publishing through ombaQ’s mobile app! Like I’ve always told you, it’s ombaQ’s job to make your life easier. Haven’t got your ombaQ’s mobile app yet? QUICK and GRAB IT now!

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