Saturday, September 24, 2016

Introducing: ombaQ’s New Mobile App for Instagram Feature

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Hi, folks!

We are all knew that ombaQ is an app that will help you publish your content to multiple social media. Not only that, but ombaQ will also help you do the publishing! All that, will be done by ombaQ, free of charge! I repeat, FREE.
Now, ombaQ finally released our new feature. The one that you have been waiting for. Drumroll every body... ombaQ now will also help you managing your Instagram’s posts through ombaQ’s newly mobile app!

The long awaited newly released ombaQ mobile apps, can easily help you getting your Instagram-posting-job done in just one click away! Superman get nothing on us!
Okay, we get it, we really excited to know. But, how exactly ombaQ can help us do that?
Whatever it is, whatever you need to do with your Instagram publishing, ombaQ help you in such an easy way.

Of course, firstly, you have to download our app at Google Play Store through your mobile. Once you do that, you signed in first with your ombaQ’s account. After you’ve done that, now we’ll get into our Instagram business!

First thing first, after you decided what kind of pictures you wanted to post on your Instagram. Then, go to ombaQ Web App to schedule your content through our app. Worry not, our ombaQ for android app complements and connected with your account on the ombaQ web platform.

Finished doing that? Good. Now, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your luxurious life because you only live once, folks. Yes, right, because ombaQ will take over from here.

All left to do is to wait until ombaQ notified you through your mobile app. Our app will show the “Publish” window, tap Confirm button, then Publish to @(insert your Instagram’s account here) simply to confirm that you are the intended publisher – pssh, make sure that you’re signed in to the correct account – aandd BAM! ombaQ mobile app take over again from here, copying your caption to your device’s clipboard or whatsoever, so you can easily paste the caption once you’re on Instagram. Do your image editing job next, then finally tap share so your content soon published toward your Instagram account!

Very easy right? I have said it earlier, it’s ombaQ’s job to make your life easier!
So what are you waiting for? Quick and grab our ombaQ for android mobile app, while it’s hot!

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