Friday, September 9, 2016

Ombaq's Feature: Labeling

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Ombaq is a free app that allow you to manage your social media branding using the shortest and quickest way as possible. Only by using Ombaq’s app, you can easily do the social media branding by letting us help you posting your social media content to several social media at once.

We’ve previously talked about how to use several Ombaq’s feature. For now, we will learn how to use Ombaq’s feature: Labeling.

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You can, indeed, add label on your content from Ombaq. By adding label to your content, it will help you categorizing or filtering your performance data in Content Insights’ page. It’s really easy to do and you will master it, shortly. So, how you do it?

Firstly, adding label. To add label, you can just type the keywords that you want -- don’t forget to separate it by comma or whitespace – in field Add Labels. So where is this Add Labels field? It’s right at the bottom of dialog.

That’s it! See? It’s easy-peasy.

So, what if you’ve already post your content and forgot to add label? Of course all you need is to just add labels on each post you have posted! What? You can just do it? How?

Of course you can! Because it is Ombaq’s job to make your life easier!

To add labels on your post, all you need to do is just to click See all posts located at Top Posts by Engagement. You will then able to see detail page. After that, you need to click the ‘down’ arrow at the end of each post, so it will show you label field. Lastly, to do the labeling, type the keywords you want and separate each of it by comma or whitespace in field Add Labels.


But, but, it’s really tiring to add label one by one! Can i just add labels to multiple posts at once?

Again, of course you can! You don’t need to make your life sounds hard and miserable, when you can just live a simple one. Ombaq will gladly help you doing so!

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Adding labels to multiple posts is another one thing that you will easily master. To do it, just click on See all posts at the Top Posts by Potential Impression or Top Posts by Engagement, and you will, again, get to see detail page. You then should check the checkbox at the start of each row that you want to add label to. Once you done so, click Add Labels at the top corner of the page and it will open the labeling dialog. Lastly, type the keywords to add label, separate each keyword with comma or whitsepace in the Add labels field. Aaaanndd we have our job done! Don’t forget to click Save after you finish labeling.

So, that’s all that for your lesson on How to Label 101 via Ombaq. Don’t be hesitate to choose us to help you get your job done. Because as you can see, all we want to do is to make your life simpler and better by helping you, for free! So be smart and use Ombaq.

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