Friday, October 28, 2016

5 Reasons To Use URL Shortener


ombaQ is a free app that will help you managing your social media. As we all already know, ombaQ recently released a new feature on our app. This new feature allow you to shorten your URL.

Loyal user of ombaQ had probably know that we already used a shortener before. However, with our newly released feature, the link shortener has now stylized into It has several benefits as your link shortener now could be tracked by our ombaQ analyzer. Read more about our URL shortener here.

However, it seems that not everyone are aware on the use of URL shortener. We probably see social media like twitter or facebook, sometimes, automatically shorten our link. But, why do they did so? Why they feel that shorten the URL which we shared is necessary? What is the benefit?
Here, we ombaQ will tell you the reason why:

1.       Conquering the characters limit on social media
Some social media, as we know it, has limit on how much characters you can post. Some people find it effective. Some find it challenging. But, some also find it annoyingly disturbing. Sometimes, those social media feels like, it doesn’t allow us to post more information. Especially, when we have to put a link on them. Worry not! Just use URL shortener! Just copy the link you wanted to share, pasted it on the link shortener service, and, VIOLA! Your link isn’t passing the characters limit anymore.

2.       It’s easier to remember your link
Sometimes, we were just on the rush, that we have to check on website real quick! But what if the link is too long that you couldn’t remember the whole URL? What was it... could it be... Was it With URL shortener, you could shorten and stylized your link so it’s easier to remember. Some URL shortener even provide you with service to stylized the link on your own. So, you can name the link however you like, make it much easier to remember.

3.       You can track your shortened link
Link shortener could sometimes give you the luxury to track your link traffic. With that, you could see how much people clicked on your link. This is especially could be done with our link shortener feature! By using our link shortener, you could track and analyze your link via our Content Insights feature. Very useful, right?

4.       Having your post more manageable
Admit it, we sometimes find it disturbing when people have a neatly written post, only to be messed by a very long and complicated URL. So how to make it more “pretty”? Easy, just use link shortener. Isn’t your post will be tidier if you use rather than ?

5.       Easily shares link to everywhere
To compile all the benefits of using link shortener, by having it easy to remember, will help you conquer against characters limit, etc. Put it short, isn’t it much easier to share your link everywhere? Say it, your friends in badly need of the name of the website that they visited last week? But you couldn’t remember what’s the whole URL? Costumer wanted to know your website? But, you were hit by characters limit? Like we’ve said before, just use the whole benefit on link shortener. Now, you shouldn’t have to remembering all the long URLs anymore!

We actually could write hundreds more of the benefit on using URL shortener. But, well, that could only be found out by trying it yourself, right?

Don’t forget, we here at ombaQ also have our own link shortener. By using it, you’ll be able to feel all the benefits on using URL shortener PLUS more benefit by using ombaQ. What are you waiting for? Use ombaQ to ease your daily pain!

Friday, October 21, 2016

The Importance of Pictures on Your Social Media Branding


ombaQ recently released a mobile app which allow you to connect ombaQ to instagram. With the ombaQ newly released mobile app, you’re now able to post, schedule, and analyze your instagram content through ombaQ’s app.

Instagram is one of social media that support posting pictures to promote your existence. Human live, as we know, are mostly relying on visuals. Our eyes is the first thing to catch the most interesting things and proceed it to our brain. Which means, visual is the most important aspect on our live. That explained easily why most social media now have a feature for the users to post picture.

There are no different for those who run online shop. They will truly understand how important it is the role of pictures that we posted on our online business’ account. If the customer aren’t buying the product yet, what matter is for the product to catch their eyes first. After that, the possibility of your business – the one account with the cute/cool pictures on it – being told from one mouth to one mouth, will increase. Thus will gained more costumer for you. From there on, is how our business will run for long time.

So, how is it to choose pictures for our product? Why using pictures is very important? What should we do?

Don’t worry, folks! Here, ombaQ, will help you ease your problem, as always!

First, what matter the most is, indeed, choose picture that is relevant to your product. This is the most obvious things, as you won’t be posting pictures that doesn’t have connection to what you sell. Of course, you won’t be selling clothes only to post puppy pictures on your social media. Well, that might attract people. As well as you will confuse them. Of course, except, if you are selling puppy’s clothes. So, if you sell food, for example, post a neatly arranged food picture to your social media account.

 Second, grab  their attention by posting a very attractive pictures. This doesn’t mean that you have to “lie” with your picture. The easiest things to do is to wholeheartedly put your effort toward choosing the first few pictures that you’re gonna post. Have a team of talented photograph and picture editor. Or study a bit of hack on how to take a nice picture for your business will do the job.

cr: gabrielsaporta @ instagram
Third, use unique formatting when posting your pictures. It could be anything. At Instagram, you could probably post a series of same themed pictures for a 3x3 instagram block. At twitter, you could posted your pictures along with the information inside your picture. So, user will be prompted to open your picture – and your website – to see your product. At facebook, you could probably tease the costumer by posting several pictures to prompt them to open the photo album.

Lastly, is to put yourself on your costumer eyes. If you are a costumer, and you were to see your online shop account, what kind of pictures you want to see? What pictures that will make you wanted to check on your online shop, see it again the next day, and spread it to your friends? By seeing it through your costumer eyes, you might be able to find what kind of picture you should post.

If you are ombaQ user, you will already know that we have a feature that will help you on this. Content insights and Account insights will help you analyze your content and see which post attract the most costumer. All you have to do left is to post a similar themed picture for the next picture. Use this ombaQ feature to fully benefited you, in a right way!

Don’t forget to be careful of the pictures that you post! Be aware of the copyright! Especially if you’re not using a picture that you took by yourself. There are, though, several websites which shares their photo stock for free, with no need of being copyrighted. Put a little bit of extra effort to search those website for free photo stock that you need.

Also, please look forward on our upcoming new “publishing box”! Sounds exciting?

Be smart and use ombaQ!

Friday, October 14, 2016

Using ombaQ for Your Online Shop Need

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As millennial generation, we fulfilled our daily needs through online shop. Whatever your daily needs are. Call it clothes, shoes, foods, even sometimes things for your science needs, probably like living toad? We got all those from online shops.

Not only daily needs, though, some people also having their job by running an online shop itself. As lately, this e-commerce business been widely used from wide ranges of people ages and classes. We could easily make our live by running an online shop. The reason is because, lots of people are using it. It’s easier and simpler to find the things you need through online shop. Also, like we’ve said before, most of the times, you able to find things you urgently needed faster, through online shop! 
In conclusion, online shop is lately, the most benefited business as we having our live, mostly, online. On top of that, online shop is a shop that we could run from home, even from our bed while we’re laying down lazily.

So, you’re running an online shop? Or you’re just opening your online shop? Or even just planned to open one? Wondering how to run it rightly? Is an ombaQ’s user and been asking around if you can have ombaQ helping your online shop business?

Worry not, we, ombaQ always have the solution to all your problem! Like we’ve always been saying, duh!

We’ve gathered all the problems that most online-shop owner have. Mostly, it surround between these problems:

- Too many pictures too share, can’t decide which one to use.

Admit it, sometimes we go through picture we have for our online shop, scrolling from one page to other. Hours pass by, but still we don’t know which picture will effectively sell our products! There are multiple ombaQ’s feature that you can use:
1. Scheduling: Most of the times, the pictures we have are all too good to be showcased through our account. Probably, we need to just post them all, but on different times. Having no times to do all that? Don’t worry! Just simply use our ombaQ’s Scheduling feature! Just post several pictures you want to be posted on your social media, set the schedule on different time, then... leave it! ombaQ will simply remind you when the set scheduled arrived and all you have to do then, is to click on the “publish” button to publish it! Simple?
2. Account Insight and Content Insight: Probably, to solve your problem on how to decided which picture to post, is through our Account Insight and Content Insight feature. This way, you can easily monitoring your post’s engagement and impression. With this feature, you can find out which post attracted the most customer’s attention. All you have to do next is to choose that one picture with similarity and seems will also attracted customer’s interest. Easy!

- Not categorizing all the products you want to sell.

Oops. If  you really didn’t do this, you’re in grief danger. It’s alright, don’t panic, because ombaQ will, again, save your life in just a matter of second! The only solving of this matter is through our feature, Labeling. It’s easy to labelize your post through ombaQ. You can even, simply labeling all your post at once! You only need to check all the checkbox on each post you want to add label with, and click “add labels”. Don’t forget to check your post’s label engagement and impression through Content Insight!

- Have no time to post your content on your other social media account.

As online shop owner, of course to gain more buyer, we use several social media to promote our product. But, it’s either too complicated, or you simply have no time, to post all your product on several social media at once! Again, this long running problem between online shop owner could easily be solved by us, ombaQ. This is also one secret and benefit of using ombaQ that probably our loyal user know well. Because, through ombaQ you can easily post your products to several social media, at once! This is how you do it:

  1. Add your social media account: Simply go to “Account” tab and click on “Add Social Account”. You can add your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter account!
  2. Upload your content at ombaQ: Click on “Quick Write Content”, then schedule your content accordingly!
  3. Select all the designated social media you wanted to post your content to!

Now, isn’t ombaQ making your online shop job easier by using our app? We have more things await at our app, that will help you running your online shop business easier! What are you waiting for? Start using ombaQ now!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Growth Hacking101 - Thousand followers for your online shop in Instagram

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Instagram has proven its platform as one of the best social media to share moments with others visually. Ever since Instagram being acquired by Facebook, it has been improved lot things to help their users existence in their social media life. Not only that, it become one of the platform to give more profit for most of the online shopper owner and indirectly becoming the best to promote their products.
For the online shop owner, it is not an easy to reach and growth their business in Instagram. They need to learn a lot and need to understand what is the best practice for Instagram to growth their business. Some have done experimenting for their online shop in Instagram and end up failing to get more follower,like and sell their products. Here are some tips worth to try for your online shop to reach more followers and likes in Instagram and has proven giving prospective results:
1.Get the best practices for business from The Instagram

As the business owner, you really to find what the best to reach more followers in Instagram. Instagram officially supply their users who own business, with awesome tips in Instagram Blog. Not only doing that, you can use Instagram features to get more growth like use the most of hashtags that fit your customers and your products (you can use tools to get know about it).
2. Give the best first impression in your online shop profile

Attracting customers in Instagram need many efforts to do it. You need the compelling photo, creative campaign/contest , an amazing profile for your business. Use this infographic to make the best impression for your profile.

3. Engage and Sell more using third party tools
There are a lot of automated marketing tools that can help online shop owner to growth and understand their customers. But most of them are afraid to use it because they must pay for it to use the features that they need like analytics. Buffer and Hootsuite can be used to help online shop owner for Instagram but it cost them quite expensive amount money (especially if you are not from USA). We recommend you to use ombaQ to analyze your growth for Instagram even it can help you to schedule your Instagram freely. Either Instagram analytics or Instagram scheduling can ease you in doing and monitoring your business. You can make data driven decision for your online shop to understand the need of your customers.
We believe that these tips can help you to improve your selling,followers and like for your online shop and thousand users in Instagram will always wait for your compelling and amazing post about your business.
source: This link

Introducing: ombaQ’s Link Shortener

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It’s a long running problem in between social media users, that sometimes what they wanted to say is long enough, so they hit character or word limit. Problem like this usually happened on social media platform that has character or words limit on it. One of the infamous social media with character limit is twitter.

Twitter only allowed you to post 140 character each tweet. Though it is the most effective way for marketing and promoting your brand, which is posting no longer than 140 character, but it’s still quite frustrating for most people. The frustrating thing is not that you can’t type anymore words, but, the fact that there are no room left for placing the link to your website/picture/blog!

Worry no more! We, ombaQ, here always have the solution to your problem!

Worry about your character limit no more. Because we’d like to introduce to you, our world renowned Link Shortener! With a very stylized link’s style, !

Okay, that sounds useful, but, how to use it?

Since this is ombaQ’s feature we’re talking about, using our Link Shortener is as easy as flipping the palm of your hand. We only have to taught you once, and you will master it in no time! So let’s get into the shortening link business:
  1. As usual, all you need to do first is preparing the content of your brand, the caption, the picture, etc. Do it all at the dialog’s main textarea.
  2. After you done doing so, add the link by typing it or pasting it directly in the textarea.
  3. If you somehow hit character limit (usually happen at twitter), do shorten the link first! Check the Shortening URLs checkbox at the bottom of dialog... and... TA-DA! Your link is now shortened, it finally fits the character limitation, and it looks rad with on it. Just. Cool.

And, that’s it!

What? Really? It’s that easy?

Well, you know, we’ve always told you that it’s our holy mission to make your life much simpler than it already has. Using ombaQ, indeed, has proven to reduce your work, stress, and pain.

Please notice that your link that has been shortened might not appear just yet. Don’t worry though, the link shortener work just right. But, if you haven’t published your content yet, for example that you set the content to be published the next day, you will only see the un-shortened link on your ombaQ’s unpublished stream. Once it get published though, ombaQ will automatically shortened your link.

Not only that, the ombaQ’s Link Shortener also will enable you to track your content through our app’s Content Insights . For more information, you can check our article on ombaQ’s feature: Content Insights.

Some user might also noticed that earlier ombaQ used google shortened link, which was Don’t worry that you’re no longer able to track through the shortened link. You can still track it just like you normally do. The only changing thing is, now if you shortened your link through ombaQ, it will be shortened into

Okay, folks, do I need to convince you even more? Start using ombaQ, NOW!