Friday, October 28, 2016

5 Reasons To Use URL Shortener


ombaQ is a free app that will help you managing your social media. As we all already know, ombaQ recently released a new feature on our app. This new feature allow you to shorten your URL.

Loyal user of ombaQ had probably know that we already used a shortener before. However, with our newly released feature, the link shortener has now stylized into It has several benefits as your link shortener now could be tracked by our ombaQ analyzer. Read more about our URL shortener here.

However, it seems that not everyone are aware on the use of URL shortener. We probably see social media like twitter or facebook, sometimes, automatically shorten our link. But, why do they did so? Why they feel that shorten the URL which we shared is necessary? What is the benefit?
Here, we ombaQ will tell you the reason why:

1.       Conquering the characters limit on social media
Some social media, as we know it, has limit on how much characters you can post. Some people find it effective. Some find it challenging. But, some also find it annoyingly disturbing. Sometimes, those social media feels like, it doesn’t allow us to post more information. Especially, when we have to put a link on them. Worry not! Just use URL shortener! Just copy the link you wanted to share, pasted it on the link shortener service, and, VIOLA! Your link isn’t passing the characters limit anymore.

2.       It’s easier to remember your link
Sometimes, we were just on the rush, that we have to check on website real quick! But what if the link is too long that you couldn’t remember the whole URL? What was it... could it be... Was it With URL shortener, you could shorten and stylized your link so it’s easier to remember. Some URL shortener even provide you with service to stylized the link on your own. So, you can name the link however you like, make it much easier to remember.

3.       You can track your shortened link
Link shortener could sometimes give you the luxury to track your link traffic. With that, you could see how much people clicked on your link. This is especially could be done with our link shortener feature! By using our link shortener, you could track and analyze your link via our Content Insights feature. Very useful, right?

4.       Having your post more manageable
Admit it, we sometimes find it disturbing when people have a neatly written post, only to be messed by a very long and complicated URL. So how to make it more “pretty”? Easy, just use link shortener. Isn’t your post will be tidier if you use rather than ?

5.       Easily shares link to everywhere
To compile all the benefits of using link shortener, by having it easy to remember, will help you conquer against characters limit, etc. Put it short, isn’t it much easier to share your link everywhere? Say it, your friends in badly need of the name of the website that they visited last week? But you couldn’t remember what’s the whole URL? Costumer wanted to know your website? But, you were hit by characters limit? Like we’ve said before, just use the whole benefit on link shortener. Now, you shouldn’t have to remembering all the long URLs anymore!

We actually could write hundreds more of the benefit on using URL shortener. But, well, that could only be found out by trying it yourself, right?

Don’t forget, we here at ombaQ also have our own link shortener. By using it, you’ll be able to feel all the benefits on using URL shortener PLUS more benefit by using ombaQ. What are you waiting for? Use ombaQ to ease your daily pain!