Monday, October 10, 2016

Growth Hacking101 - Thousand followers for your online shop in Instagram

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Instagram has proven its platform as one of the best social media to share moments with others visually. Ever since Instagram being acquired by Facebook, it has been improved lot things to help their users existence in their social media life. Not only that, it become one of the platform to give more profit for most of the online shopper owner and indirectly becoming the best to promote their products.
For the online shop owner, it is not an easy to reach and growth their business in Instagram. They need to learn a lot and need to understand what is the best practice for Instagram to growth their business. Some have done experimenting for their online shop in Instagram and end up failing to get more follower,like and sell their products. Here are some tips worth to try for your online shop to reach more followers and likes in Instagram and has proven giving prospective results:
1.Get the best practices for business from The Instagram

As the business owner, you really to find what the best to reach more followers in Instagram. Instagram officially supply their users who own business, with awesome tips in Instagram Blog. Not only doing that, you can use Instagram features to get more growth like use the most of hashtags that fit your customers and your products (you can use tools to get know about it).
2. Give the best first impression in your online shop profile

Attracting customers in Instagram need many efforts to do it. You need the compelling photo, creative campaign/contest , an amazing profile for your business. Use this infographic to make the best impression for your profile.

3. Engage and Sell more using third party tools
There are a lot of automated marketing tools that can help online shop owner to growth and understand their customers. But most of them are afraid to use it because they must pay for it to use the features that they need like analytics. Buffer and Hootsuite can be used to help online shop owner for Instagram but it cost them quite expensive amount money (especially if you are not from USA). We recommend you to use ombaQ to analyze your growth for Instagram even it can help you to schedule your Instagram freely. Either Instagram analytics or Instagram scheduling can ease you in doing and monitoring your business. You can make data driven decision for your online shop to understand the need of your customers.
We believe that these tips can help you to improve your selling,followers and like for your online shop and thousand users in Instagram will always wait for your compelling and amazing post about your business.
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