Monday, October 10, 2016

Introducing: ombaQ’s Link Shortener

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It’s a long running problem in between social media users, that sometimes what they wanted to say is long enough, so they hit character or word limit. Problem like this usually happened on social media platform that has character or words limit on it. One of the infamous social media with character limit is twitter.

Twitter only allowed you to post 140 character each tweet. Though it is the most effective way for marketing and promoting your brand, which is posting no longer than 140 character, but it’s still quite frustrating for most people. The frustrating thing is not that you can’t type anymore words, but, the fact that there are no room left for placing the link to your website/picture/blog!

Worry no more! We, ombaQ, here always have the solution to your problem!

Worry about your character limit no more. Because we’d like to introduce to you, our world renowned Link Shortener! With a very stylized link’s style, !

Okay, that sounds useful, but, how to use it?

Since this is ombaQ’s feature we’re talking about, using our Link Shortener is as easy as flipping the palm of your hand. We only have to taught you once, and you will master it in no time! So let’s get into the shortening link business:
  1. As usual, all you need to do first is preparing the content of your brand, the caption, the picture, etc. Do it all at the dialog’s main textarea.
  2. After you done doing so, add the link by typing it or pasting it directly in the textarea.
  3. If you somehow hit character limit (usually happen at twitter), do shorten the link first! Check the Shortening URLs checkbox at the bottom of dialog... and... TA-DA! Your link is now shortened, it finally fits the character limitation, and it looks rad with on it. Just. Cool.

And, that’s it!

What? Really? It’s that easy?

Well, you know, we’ve always told you that it’s our holy mission to make your life much simpler than it already has. Using ombaQ, indeed, has proven to reduce your work, stress, and pain.

Please notice that your link that has been shortened might not appear just yet. Don’t worry though, the link shortener work just right. But, if you haven’t published your content yet, for example that you set the content to be published the next day, you will only see the un-shortened link on your ombaQ’s unpublished stream. Once it get published though, ombaQ will automatically shortened your link.

Not only that, the ombaQ’s Link Shortener also will enable you to track your content through our app’s Content Insights . For more information, you can check our article on ombaQ’s feature: Content Insights.

Some user might also noticed that earlier ombaQ used google shortened link, which was Don’t worry that you’re no longer able to track through the shortened link. You can still track it just like you normally do. The only changing thing is, now if you shortened your link through ombaQ, it will be shortened into

Okay, folks, do I need to convince you even more? Start using ombaQ, NOW!

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