Friday, October 21, 2016

The Importance of Pictures on Your Social Media Branding


ombaQ recently released a mobile app which allow you to connect ombaQ to instagram. With the ombaQ newly released mobile app, you’re now able to post, schedule, and analyze your instagram content through ombaQ’s app.

Instagram is one of social media that support posting pictures to promote your existence. Human live, as we know, are mostly relying on visuals. Our eyes is the first thing to catch the most interesting things and proceed it to our brain. Which means, visual is the most important aspect on our live. That explained easily why most social media now have a feature for the users to post picture.

There are no different for those who run online shop. They will truly understand how important it is the role of pictures that we posted on our online business’ account. If the customer aren’t buying the product yet, what matter is for the product to catch their eyes first. After that, the possibility of your business – the one account with the cute/cool pictures on it – being told from one mouth to one mouth, will increase. Thus will gained more costumer for you. From there on, is how our business will run for long time.

So, how is it to choose pictures for our product? Why using pictures is very important? What should we do?

Don’t worry, folks! Here, ombaQ, will help you ease your problem, as always!

First, what matter the most is, indeed, choose picture that is relevant to your product. This is the most obvious things, as you won’t be posting pictures that doesn’t have connection to what you sell. Of course, you won’t be selling clothes only to post puppy pictures on your social media. Well, that might attract people. As well as you will confuse them. Of course, except, if you are selling puppy’s clothes. So, if you sell food, for example, post a neatly arranged food picture to your social media account.

 Second, grab  their attention by posting a very attractive pictures. This doesn’t mean that you have to “lie” with your picture. The easiest things to do is to wholeheartedly put your effort toward choosing the first few pictures that you’re gonna post. Have a team of talented photograph and picture editor. Or study a bit of hack on how to take a nice picture for your business will do the job.

cr: gabrielsaporta @ instagram
Third, use unique formatting when posting your pictures. It could be anything. At Instagram, you could probably post a series of same themed pictures for a 3x3 instagram block. At twitter, you could posted your pictures along with the information inside your picture. So, user will be prompted to open your picture – and your website – to see your product. At facebook, you could probably tease the costumer by posting several pictures to prompt them to open the photo album.

Lastly, is to put yourself on your costumer eyes. If you are a costumer, and you were to see your online shop account, what kind of pictures you want to see? What pictures that will make you wanted to check on your online shop, see it again the next day, and spread it to your friends? By seeing it through your costumer eyes, you might be able to find what kind of picture you should post.

If you are ombaQ user, you will already know that we have a feature that will help you on this. Content insights and Account insights will help you analyze your content and see which post attract the most costumer. All you have to do left is to post a similar themed picture for the next picture. Use this ombaQ feature to fully benefited you, in a right way!

Don’t forget to be careful of the pictures that you post! Be aware of the copyright! Especially if you’re not using a picture that you took by yourself. There are, though, several websites which shares their photo stock for free, with no need of being copyrighted. Put a little bit of extra effort to search those website for free photo stock that you need.

Also, please look forward on our upcoming new “publishing box”! Sounds exciting?

Be smart and use ombaQ!


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