Friday, October 14, 2016

Using ombaQ for Your Online Shop Need

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As millennial generation, we fulfilled our daily needs through online shop. Whatever your daily needs are. Call it clothes, shoes, foods, even sometimes things for your science needs, probably like living toad? We got all those from online shops.

Not only daily needs, though, some people also having their job by running an online shop itself. As lately, this e-commerce business been widely used from wide ranges of people ages and classes. We could easily make our live by running an online shop. The reason is because, lots of people are using it. It’s easier and simpler to find the things you need through online shop. Also, like we’ve said before, most of the times, you able to find things you urgently needed faster, through online shop! 
In conclusion, online shop is lately, the most benefited business as we having our live, mostly, online. On top of that, online shop is a shop that we could run from home, even from our bed while we’re laying down lazily.

So, you’re running an online shop? Or you’re just opening your online shop? Or even just planned to open one? Wondering how to run it rightly? Is an ombaQ’s user and been asking around if you can have ombaQ helping your online shop business?

Worry not, we, ombaQ always have the solution to all your problem! Like we’ve always been saying, duh!

We’ve gathered all the problems that most online-shop owner have. Mostly, it surround between these problems:

- Too many pictures too share, can’t decide which one to use.

Admit it, sometimes we go through picture we have for our online shop, scrolling from one page to other. Hours pass by, but still we don’t know which picture will effectively sell our products! There are multiple ombaQ’s feature that you can use:
1. Scheduling: Most of the times, the pictures we have are all too good to be showcased through our account. Probably, we need to just post them all, but on different times. Having no times to do all that? Don’t worry! Just simply use our ombaQ’s Scheduling feature! Just post several pictures you want to be posted on your social media, set the schedule on different time, then... leave it! ombaQ will simply remind you when the set scheduled arrived and all you have to do then, is to click on the “publish” button to publish it! Simple?
2. Account Insight and Content Insight: Probably, to solve your problem on how to decided which picture to post, is through our Account Insight and Content Insight feature. This way, you can easily monitoring your post’s engagement and impression. With this feature, you can find out which post attracted the most customer’s attention. All you have to do next is to choose that one picture with similarity and seems will also attracted customer’s interest. Easy!

- Not categorizing all the products you want to sell.

Oops. If  you really didn’t do this, you’re in grief danger. It’s alright, don’t panic, because ombaQ will, again, save your life in just a matter of second! The only solving of this matter is through our feature, Labeling. It’s easy to labelize your post through ombaQ. You can even, simply labeling all your post at once! You only need to check all the checkbox on each post you want to add label with, and click “add labels”. Don’t forget to check your post’s label engagement and impression through Content Insight!

- Have no time to post your content on your other social media account.

As online shop owner, of course to gain more buyer, we use several social media to promote our product. But, it’s either too complicated, or you simply have no time, to post all your product on several social media at once! Again, this long running problem between online shop owner could easily be solved by us, ombaQ. This is also one secret and benefit of using ombaQ that probably our loyal user know well. Because, through ombaQ you can easily post your products to several social media, at once! This is how you do it:

  1. Add your social media account: Simply go to “Account” tab and click on “Add Social Account”. You can add your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter account!
  2. Upload your content at ombaQ: Click on “Quick Write Content”, then schedule your content accordingly!
  3. Select all the designated social media you wanted to post your content to!

Now, isn’t ombaQ making your online shop job easier by using our app? We have more things await at our app, that will help you running your online shop business easier! What are you waiting for? Start using ombaQ now!

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