Friday, November 18, 2016

Benefits on Using ombaQ

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All this while, we have been sharing secrets on lots of things like how to use this social media, what advantages it gives. In the end, it all comes down to all benefits you can't experience if you don't use ombaQ.

We bet you're wondering... What is it? Why should we use ombaQ? Believe me, if you’re using ombaQ, you'll actually be able to live more peacefully. Furthermore, there's no app built with the intention of making anyone's lives harder, right? 

So, here goes lists of benefits of using ombaQ that may (or may not) surprise you!

1. Have all your social media accounts in one place
W-wait what? Having one app to control various accounts? Is this even real?
'Course! You no longer have to bother logging in and out or copying and pasting from one place to another to post contents to your social medias! You can just simply connect your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram account and manage them from ombaQ. You can even post-to-all at once, using ombaQ. Time and effort = saved!
 2. Schedule your social media publishing-time
"This content should be posted in two hours, this tomorrow, this in five minutes, this... ARGH!" Isn't it frustrating to schedule our content manually? Worry not, dude, we have the right solution! Using ombaQ, you can manage your content publishing schedule whenever on whichever social medias! You just need to schedule them using our Calendar feature and just sit back and relax as ombaQ does the publishing job for you. Sounds fun?

3. Shorten your link via ombaQ
Oops... this social media apparently have character limitation, so you can’t post all the info you need to post there! Just because the link you pasted was very long! Annoying, right? Easy, easy! ombaQ got you covered! Recently, we released a Shortening URLs feature. Using this, ombaQ will shorten your link and give it an unique -stylized url. Now, worry about character limitation no more!

4. Analyze your content with ombaQ
Okay, okay, what is this again? You can analyze your content that you post, using ombaQ? YES! You can see your post engagement with ombaQ! Using our feature Content Insights and Account Insights, you can easily check everything that happens within your account. What is the current trend? What post get the most likes? At what time does the number of your followers raise? Check them with Content Insights and Account Insights! Everyone, say it again together, now!

5. Have your life much easier and simpler
This is the utmost benefit that none other app or social media could have! Using ombaQ, all that left to do for you is to sit back and enjoy. You only do your job once and for a while, then let it go for ombaQ to roll the barrel... Which means... we get the job done for you. ombaQ will enable you to live an easy life, doing your job while you’re sitting comfortably on a luxurious sofa while enjoying a cup of tea (of coffee if you prefer).

Now, there are no reasons left for you to not use ombaQ!

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