Friday, November 25, 2016

Introducing: ombaQ’s New Publishing Feature

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ombaQ is coming again with our new and even cooler publishing feature!

Via publishing feature, ombaQ allow you to post  to facebook, twitter, and instagram at once up to your heart content! You don’t have to go through all your social media, logging in and out, all the very troublesome activity isn’t needed anymore! All you need is to log in to ombaQ, registering your social media account toward ombaQ, then click Write Content to start writing your content. With this feature, you can post same content to three social media at once.

By publishing via ombaQ, you can do lots of things than just writing words. ombaQ can shorten your link for you. ombaQ also able to help you scheduling when to post your content and where. Such feature that will get your life and work easily done.

Our loyal user might already be familiar with this feature. However, we’ve added even more to this publishing feature. We guarantee that you will be able to do and enjoy even more with ombaQ using this new feature.

Okay, let’s get to the point. What exactly our new features are?

1. Previewing your post
You can now previewing your post first at ombaQ! By using our publishing feature, you can see your post and how it will look like on the destined social media. Very cool, right? You can easily do this, by composing new content like usual at the textbox. First, you have to copy a link of your website. Pasted the link at the textbox, and ombaQ will generate it into card or carousel. Then, TA-RA! You can see the preview of your post on your designated social media. Don’t forget, to switch the preview mode to Post to see it posted as facebook or twitter card. What you get, is what you see!

2. Post twitter card, facebook card, and facebook carousel via ombaQ
Yes! You read it right! By posting via ombaQ now, you’re able to post twitter/facebook card, or at facebook you can post it as facebook carousel, and so on. As we already teased before, you can, now, do it via ombaQ publishing! Amazing, isn’t it? Now, to do this, just switch the mode to Post. ombaQ, will also give you the preview first of your post.  Don’t forget to type in link to textbox, as the card or carousel won’t be generated if you don’t put the designated link of your website.

3. Post images, gif, and video from ombaQ
Lastly but not least, you can now post various type of images. Call it, gif? Video? Album? We can create them for you. To do this is also as easy as flipping your hand. While composing new content, just switch the mode to Media. Please be aware of the difference of posting through Post and through Media mode. By posting via Media mode, all you can do is post media such as image, gif, video, and so on. To make it as card or carousel, you have to switch toward Post mode first.

All this helpful new publishing feature, will now color your day on using ombaQ as your daily platform. This feature will help you conquer your social media journey toward a better work life. Also, all this feature are available for single publishing and bulk publishing. Now, what are you waiting for? Use ombaQ for a smarter social media life!

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