Friday, November 4, 2016

Twitter Secrets You Need to Know

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Living in this century, it seems to be almost impossible to complain of not knowing things because “it happened in a place so faraway”. Media has grown widespread and with the advancing of technology, we are currently living in a border-less world. You can have information from wherever and whenever. Being busy could almost not accepted as a reason on why you’re so lacking in news update.

You can have and know lots of things and current happening from any source. The most commonly source where you can know newest things happening is social media. One of the current widely used social media nowadays is Twitter.

Twitter is a social media platform where you can post 140 characters worth of “tweets”. Via twitter, you can find out news, promote brands, update your daily life, and so on with it’s shorts limitation of characters. Because of the character limitation, most things updated via twitter is dubbed as “short but accurate”. This caused twitter to be titled “The SMS of Internet”

As for today, it seems to be almost impossible for anyone in this world to not having a twitter account. At the very least, you’d have an account even though you aren’t that active through twitter. Twitter has been a best place to post updates. The characters limitation has never been a limit as most of people actually only need less than 140 characters to update about current happening things.

Most people have twitter. And I bet, so do you. But, do you know these twitter secrets, yet?

We, ombaQ, will share you some random and fun twitter secrets which not everyone know:

First and foremost, our ombaQ application have this famous feature which allow you to connect to twitter. A very useful app for start-up owner, as via our app, you can schedule to tweet your content. This will ease your job very much, as all you have to do now is to spend a day planning all posts you want to tweet and schedule it. All that rest to do is sit back and relax, as you enjoy the fruits of our ombaQ scheduling feature. Nice, isn’t it?

Secondly, not everyone notice this feature on twitter, but you can pin a certain tweet of yours on the top of your twitter page! Can’t put all the info on your twitter bio? All info has already on your twitter bio, but people are still asking? Worry not, just tweet certain info you need to tell your follower. Once you done it, click the three dots under your newly tweeted post, then click “Pin to your profile page”. Done! Now, that certain tweet will be permanently pinned, except if you unpinned it, on the top of your twitter profile page! Very useful.

How to pin one of your tweet

Next, notice that every time you tweeted a link, twitter will show you a thumbnail-like picture of the website you linked to? It’s twitter’s feature called “Twitter Card”. “Twitter Card”, as said by twitter, allow you to attach rich photos, video, and media experience to drive traffic to your website. Using our ombaQ app, if you share a link to twitter, we could turn it into “Twitter Card”. This feature though, is still coming really soon. Sooner than you might expected. So, stay updated with us! Exciting, right?

courtesy to twitter

Lastly, sometimes using twitter is kinda complicated. Like, you have to scroll your twitter to the top page to post a tweet (even though you don’t really need too – but, hey! Humans are forgetful!). Or simply, it just another bad day and your mouse was broken – or you just really hate using your mouse. Then, all you need to do is learn your keyboard shortcuts right! With the keyboard shortcut, just wherever on twitter that you are on, you can simply press “n” to write a new tweet. There are some other useful shortcut, just simply check on this simple guide by twitter:

Know your twitter secrets already? Don’t forget, to use ombaQ app to create, schedule, and analyze your twitter content. It’s really easy to use ombaQ, as we give you more benefit when using it. Download ombaQ’s app now and use it to it’s utmost!

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