Friday, November 11, 2016

What to Post on Your Facebook Account

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ombaQ is a free app that will help you manage your social media account. With using ombaQ app, we can help you reducing your work time on social media. Using ombaQ is very simple and free. You just need to tap here and there, trust it to ombaQ , then we will do all your job for you, aandd... there you goes! We just helped you managing your social media account! Yep, it simply work like that!

Using ombaQ, we can help you managing of whatever variant of social media you have. Call it, instagram? Twitter? Facebook? Easy thing. We will help you as simple as a snap of your fingers. Also, don’t forget to check our newest mobile app for instagram. For more information, you can read it here.

We’ve been recently pouring out secrets on how to master your instagram and twitter account. We have more in our pockets, but for now, let’s move on to other topic: facebook.

Facebook might be the oldest social media app, compared to instagram and twitter. Created by Mark Zuckerberg back then at 2004, facebook has now used by million users and still rising. You know, facebook might be old, but it’s still gold. The fame of facebook is indeed, isn’t die yet.

Facebook though, nowaday is famously used for marketing purpose. Lots of online shop, companies, and start-up using facebook feature, facebook page, to promote their brands or  events in general. So, for facebook user, what can you do with your facebook?

First, if you have staffs helping you managing your facebook page, be sure to set the right roles for them. By setting roles, you’ll be able to set limitations on what the other contributor can do on your facebook page. To do it, click on setting at your facebook page, and click “Page Roles”. Set roles on each of your staffs , then save it! You can also set on who to post as. To do this, click on “Post Attribution”, then set on who to post as. You can either post as yourself or the page you’re managing on. ombaQ user can also have this feature. If you're using ombaQ app, you can have several users managing your social media account! Be sure to check this feature that we have!

Setting roles on your facebook page

Set an attractive cover page. Don’t forget to make it relevant on what your company is about. You didn’t put a picture of forest when your company is actually a printing company. Well, it might still relevant, considering that paper come from woods. But, that’s not the point! Your cover have to speak to your costumer. It has to tell them what your company is about. Remember, that a picture worth thousands of words. So, don’t set an irrelevant picture on your company’s page.

Post pictures, gifs, and videos to your facebook page. Post visuals on what is your company or online shop about on the facebook page. Remember, the picture has to speak for whoever visiting your facebook page. If you’re an online shop owner, you can also use facebook feature which is facebook card and facebook carousel for your benefit. Facebook card will be automatically posted, if you post links to facebook, as facebook will turned it into facebook card.

Posting Facebook Carousel
 For facebook carousel, you can post series of pictures, set link on it, and if people click on it, it could take them to your website. To create facebook carousel, just click on “Photo/Video”, then click “Create a Photo/Video Carousel”. You will then have to set the destination link of the carousel you wanted to create. Lastly, choose pictures from your website, to be made as your carousel pictures, before you post it.

If you are an ombaQ user, however, you will soon be able to post those things from our app. Our app will soon have feature that will enable you to post gifs, videos, facebook card, and carousel. Sounds great, right? ombaQ will, again, make your life easier and easier!

So, that’s how to manage your facebook page, rightly. Through reading our guide, you’ll master it easily right away! Especially, if you’re managing your facebook page using our ombaQ app. You will never experience life, as easy as when you use our app. Don’t forget, to download ombaQ app!

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