Friday, January 6, 2017

Introducing: Managing Your Social Media with ombaQ’s App Plans

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Are you someone whose work is managing social medias? Or are you a what-so-called social media influencer with tons of followers as well as accounts? Or, you just find it tiring to move from one tab to another on your browser to move between social medias? Even more, it’s such a hassle because you need to change devices? And umm, feeling the urge to keep your fans updated with your activities, but barely have the time to do so because of... activities?

Worry no more! ombaQ is here to help you! Now with more things we offer you to enjoy!

ombaQ just released new plans that will help you to manage your social media accounts. Every plan has its own benefits and usages. With ombaQ, you can manage several social media accounts using simply one app! You even are able to schedule your contents. So you can just set your devices aside and have a nice cup of coffee or tea instead. Cool, right? And of course, you’re free to choose which plans that suit you the best. So what are those plans?

For individuals, with a lot of high young spirits and bright future ahead. For the ever-achieving social media celebrities. For anyone who works individually, there is one word and one ombaQ’s plan for you: AWESOME.

ombaQ’s Awesome Individual plan offers you a free service and usage on ombaQ’s app. You can manage up to three accounts, one for each platform (Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. You pick your choice!) Plus, you can have 10 posts queue for each platform, with up to 30 posts queue. Just like its name, it's “awesome” , right?

B... but... I work professionally with my social media! I’m not just a noob searching for internet fame!

Of course, of course. Whatever your jobs are, it’s fine. You can use ombaQ just fine. ombaQ is here to please you, actually!

So, Professionals, you can try having ombaQ’s Professional plan. With this plan, ombaQ offer you more features that you can use professionally. You just have to pay a cheap Rp49.000/month, and you will be able to manage more social media accounts (extra four account profiles ready to use!). Of course, you got all the plan which is available on the free plan. Which mathematically means, you are able to manage seven account profiles. One account each per social media with the additional four. Plus, you can easily queuing 50 posts per social media (total of 350 posts!). Sounds professional, right?

Okay, what about those who works in team? I mean, we definitely don't work alone, do we?

Wow, easy-peasy, we also have plans for you who manage social media accounts with the team of yours!

For a team consisting of small group of two people, you can try the Small plan! You need to pay for a cheap amount of Rp89.000/month (hey! Everything comes with a price!). But, it will be a worth it experience as you are able to queuing up to 120 posts for a total of +15 social account profiles. Mean that you can queuing up to 1800 posts for all social media accounts! Such a small sacrifice you have to give for a lot of benefits, right?

Up next! Is your team consisted of large number of people? Like, there are four people who have to manage the social medias at your office? Don't worry, you professional worker, can have a team of four people fit into our ombaQ app. Not to mention you can manage +25 social account profiles. Now, with the price of Rp499.000/month, you will be able to queuing up to a superb number of 300 posts queue (total of 7500 posts for each social media account profile). Isn’t it lovely?

What are you waiting for? I mean, just look at the benefits that ombaQ offered you, for such a small price even! Not to mention, you can analyze your social media accounts for FREE. This free analytic service will be given until June 2017. You're very much welcomed to experience the benefits of ombaQ!

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