Thursday, February 2, 2017

Hootsuite vs ombaQ: Between Two Social Media Marketing Tools

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Social media marketing tools isn’t a ‘brand new’ terms in the networking world. In contrast, only few people seem to fully understand the importance of using this tool. If you are a social media administrator, you may have heard this. I can guess, you are still confused which Social Media Marketing tools is the best-fit for your company. Have you searched for some?

ombaQ is Indonesian based social media marketing tools. The one and only compact, easy and cheap competitor of Hootsuite. ombaQ build its name by being another application made by the people of Indonesia nation.  How can it be compared to Hootsuite? Has it done any good or even better than ombaQ?

Please note first, that each ombaQ or Hootsuite isn’t actually to be compared. Each tools provide something which may doesn’t. Both tools might complement each other or you might find yourself comfortable using just one. The decision is just up to you!


The first thing we notice when opening both sites are taglines. ombaQ has the tagline “The Smartest Way to Share on Social Media” — claiming to be a tool for people to share on social media, smartly. While Hootsuite’s tagline is “Manage All Your Social Media Marketing in One Place” whose goal is to be a tool for people to manage social media marketing just using one app. While Hootsuite is more direct with its tagline, let’s appreciate ombaQ for its creativeness with words on the tagline.


ombaQ offers engage, listen, analyze, and collaborate as its key features. Using ombaQ, you can schedule your content, publish your content across social media channels, organize your post by categories, and monitor your content from smartphone. Hootsuite also offers features quite similar to ombaQ’s. However, their features might be easier to understand for newbies. Hootsuite’s features are called “products” and it consists of engagement, publisher, analytics, insights, campaigns, platform, amplify, extensions, and mobile.

Similar to Hootsuite’s features that are also available on ombaQ. Hootsuite’s “Publisher” feature is also included in ombaQ’s “Engage”. However, I must say that ombaQ is more advanced on scheduling. When you do scheduling through ombaQ, you can decide your most prefered time to publish any contents. Hootsuite is a little bit more stiff, it only allows us to choose the available time provided by Hootsuite. Using ombaQ, you can make a campaign for your content. Hootsuite also provides several extra layers for user’s privacy and security. ombaQ provides it in a bit different way, through its feature called “Collaborate”.

Supported Social Media

ombaQ’s supported  social media includes Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook while Hootsuite supports even more. However, you have to pay if you want to connect more social media accounts. In this case, both probably can fill each other up, since Hootsuite’s free service offers some social medias that have yet to be available on ombaQ.

Price and Plans

Both ombaQ and Hootsuite offer free and paid services. You can try Hootsuite’s paid service freely for 30 days. However, ombaQ offers a cheaper price. Some Hootsuite’s paid features can also be “enjoyed” using ombaQ free service. Though with Hootsuite paid service, they offer more, however, it might be a bit pricey than ombaQ.


Both ombaQ and Hootsuite have their own cute animal mascots. Those also matches well with both product’s names. ombaQ in Indonesian means sea wave which perfectly suits sea octopus. In addition, Hootsuite means the sound of an owl.

Customer Support

They both provide customer support in case there might be problems with the application. You can ask customer support for help. ombaQ wins the live chat game. While, in Hootsuite you need to contact them via e-mail. By all means, ombaQ can comply your needs faster than Hootsuite does. Kuddos to ombaQ for providing better customer support!

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